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One out of every three women in America suffers shame, guilt, and oppression
from being abused and is unable to maintain a healthy love life relationship.
There is an answer... Catherine has put together resources
to help you find peace, hope, and true love…


Catherine Fendig
Author and Inspirational Speaker

Catherine Fendig

Catherine Fendig is an award winning author and inspirational speaker whose passion is in sharing her life transparently so that others may have hope in their journey to grow and heal.

Raised in an abusive, alcoholic home, Catherine Fendig became an alcoholic herself, divorcing five times by her early thirties. But out of those painful beginnings came Catherine’s amazing journey of transformation and healing.

Today, she seeks to equip others to become confident, balanced, and more spiritually fit. Catherine is an honor graduate from Adelphi University in New York. She lives with her husband Cap on St. Simons Island, Georgia.

Your Past Does Not Need to Determine Your Future Love Life…

Catherine Fendig
My Story...
Alcoholism and rage were all part of a stressful and challenging childhood growing up. It left me feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and lacking in self-esteem. As a child, I felt unprotected. Fear was my constant companion. As a young adult, I struggled with alcoholism, abusive relationships, and depression. My mind was always whirling. I had no peace inside.

For many years, I sought healing through a variety of popular therapies, philosophies, or paranormal solutions. After years of reading self-help books, I landed in a mental hospital having a nervous breakdown. I was personally and spiritually bankrupt. I had reached for everything and found nothing. I lived with an intensity of negativity within. I could barely stand who I was. I wanted to shut my mind down, to turn the thinking and feeling off. I wanted a way to escape, to numb out, and to be distracted from what was inside me.

And then, in a moment of sincere desperation, I turned to my Higher Power and prayed for help. Shortly afterward, I found recovery. Slowly, I started to identify and let go of the ideas I had been raised with that were killing me. I began to gain a new and different perspective. I found spiritual principles to apply to my life that yielded definite results.

Many people today feel disconnected from themselves, from each other, and from God. Millions of people live in fear. There is a spiritual solution that enables us to be more than just seekers, but finders of peace, love, healing, and restoration. We can learn to embrace the spiritual side of who we are. We can change course. And taking one step at a time, we can begin living the lives we were created to live.

I know the pain of having a broken heart and the challenges of healing from it. I wrote my story, along with the keys to recovery that I was shown, in hopes of saving future heartache for others. The memoir, Becoming a Well Woman, addresses these issues and can provide insight, comfort, and relief for you on your path. The Way of the Well Woman Guidebook, can take you through a personal step by step process of discovery and healing so that you can have peace and true love in your life. And Miracle Breakthrough can give you the tools and encouragement to continue when life is not unfolding the way you wanted it to.

These books contain what I have been taught and what has saved my life. I invite you to experiment with applying these timeless spiritual principles of recovery into your life, that you may come to know the ultimate freedom, peace, and joy of walking hand in hand with your Higher Power.

I offer this to you with love!

Catherine Fendig, 2018

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